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Go To Market (Sales & Revenue)
  • Strategic Enterprise Account Executive

  • Enterprise Account Executive

  • Account Executive 

  • Mid-Market Account Executive 

  • Sales Development 

  • Sales Operations 

  • Solutions Engineer/Solutions Consultant 

  • Sales Operations 

Customer Success 

  • Account Management 

  • Customer Success

Marketing & Growth 

  • Content Marketing 
  • Acquisition & Field Marketing
  • Product Marketing

  • Growth Marketing

  • Demand Generation

  • Marketing Operations

Product & Engineering 

  • Software Engineer

  • Full-Stack Engineer 
  • Frontend Engineer
  • Machine Learning Engineer

  • DevOps Engineer

  • AI Analyst 

  • Product Manager 

  • UX Designer 

  • & more

Executive Search


Model: Container  

We provide a customized approach and hiring plan for your executive positions.

Working on a Computer

Individual Contributor Search 


Model: Contingent

  • CRO/ VP Sales

  • CMO / VP Marketing

  • Head of Marketing/ Sales

  • Chief People Officer

  • VP People/Talent

       & more

  • CTO/VP Engineering

We help you scale hiring for roles ranging from sales, marketing, product and operations.

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Dedicated Talent Management 


Model: Monthly Retainer  

We can place one of our contract recruiters or sourcers to work as a dedicated resource for your hiring needs. 

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Services & Role

Our Proven Process for Success

Proven Process


The Talent House team will analyze your operation and ask the right questions so we can pinpoint exactly what you're looking for. We never work off job descriptions alone. We use them as a starting point. We require all our clients to complete a 3-page 50-question Talent House Alignment Guide before we start any search. 

We get close to your company

Example questions: Mission & values, culture, first 90-days in the role, competition, risk & reward, diversity & inclusion, interview process and, much more!



We live-screen each candidate to ensure the highest level of match-ability from the start. We pride ourselves in screening out 5 to 1 of the candidates we speak to. Your time is precious so we do a lot of the heavy lifting on the front end to save you time and ensure fit from the start. 

Our Screening Process

Once we start the search we adapt to work with you and constantly iterate and recalibrate on the search to get you exactly what you need. 

Flexibility & Refinement


We seek continuous feedback from

you and your candidate. This keeps

everyone on the same page and

minimizes surprises or wasted time.

This also helps us modify the search

if needed and provide a wining

candidate experience for your brand. 

Feedback Loop


The candidates that we do present come complete with all the details you will need to make an informed decision. Areas we include; any notes on required skills/background, decision for looking, what motivates them, their achievements & metrics, timeline and compensation goals. 

Candidate Presentation


We work closely with you to help you select

finalists and provide guidance. Our goal is

to partner with you so you make the best

decision possible given the factors that are

most important to you and your company.



Once you've chosen your prefered candidate we are there to support you throughout the final steps and ensure we close on your candidate. We want everyone involved to feel confident and excited about this important decision. 


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