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What People Say

We have been working with Talent House for several years now and have relied on them to help hire some of our go-to-market roles such as alliances, sales, customer success, and solution engineering. The Talent House team has taken the time to work closely with our hiring managers to meet our unique and growing needs, and we'd consider Bill and his team trusted partners and we recommend them to any early-stage company.

Prukalpa Sankar

at Atlan



Oleg Rogynskyy

Founder & CEO 


I was introduced to Bill several years ago when I was first building my enterprise sales team with The work they did was critical in helping us hire those first foundational salespeople. Bill has a knack for quickly understanding the needs of early startup founders & CEOs and can attract the perfect talent to meet those demands. Today I continue to rely on Talent House and use them across my investment portfolio. 

Talent House has been an incredible partner in helping to scale the BetterUp team. They dedicated an amazing amount of time to understand the nuances of our hiring profiles and culture to ensure that candidates thrive in the BetterUp hiring process.

Alexi Robichaux

Co-Founder & CEO
at BetterUp



Melanie Graff

Director Talent Acquisition
at Iterable 


Iterable has partnered with Talent House over the past few years, and they have been very instrumental in building out our customer-facing teams. I particularly appreciate how strategic the team at Talent House is; they make it their business to understand the composition of the current team, and seek candidates that provide balance and add value to the team. Talent House is comprised of a group of professionals, who are always a pleasure to work with. 

When we decided that we needed to make a key leadership hire for Customer Success, we partnered with Talent House. Bill and his team brought some of the highest quality candidates I have seen for any position and their qualification process saved me and my team a lot of time. I highly recommend working with Bill and team.


Shobin Uralil

Co-Founder & COO
at Lively



We have partnered with Talent Housse to build out our team at all levels within the organization and across North America. I am grateful to Talent House and our partnership with them because Bill McHargue and his team have invested time to truly understand our particular needs and have helped us hire new AlatioNauts who have added domain knowledge, customer relationship building skills, and who can adopt to our high growth environment.

Steve Kennedy 

CRO at Alation 

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